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To the person that I have been matched with for this exchange, hello! Whatever you choose to create for my gift, I'm going to be extremely happy regardless, but I'll list you some things regarding fandoms, pairings, etc., since that would help narrow things down and make it easier on you when you're working on your fic/art!

General things that I like include:

- Hurt/comfort
- Fluff that involves a minor conflict, like one person is having a bad day and their SO doing what they can to cheer them up
- Mutual pining!!!
- Cuddling! Whether it's them snuggling in bed or leaning against each other, I love it so much
- Kisses! especially first kisses and forehead kisses, though I won't say no to kissing that becomes a full on makeout session, either.
- mutual pining
- AUs! (modern AUs and fantasy AUs in particular)

As far as ratings are concerned, I'm okay with whatever, although if you choose to go the more mature-rated route, don't make anything too extreme

Things to avoid/DNWs:

- horror/gore
- extremely graphic sex
- major character death unless it's part of the canon universe
- unrequited love that remains unrequited
- coffee shop AUs

Now here's where I get more specific about my prompts, fandoms, and pairings!

Fire Emblem: Awakening:

- Lissa and Maribelle meeting each other for the first time
- Maribelle and Lissa having tea time together because Lissa suggested it, but Maribelle doesn't know Lissa secretly planned it out as a date
- Lissa and Maribelle reading a children's/picture book to a young Brady and young Owain while snuggling in bed together

- Cordelia taking a small interest in Sumia's flower fortunes
- Sumia making flower crowns for her and Cordelia (and for their daughters Cynthia and Severa, if you want to include that)
- Flying around together
- Sumia and Cordelia noticing the little things/quirks about each other that make them fall in love even more

- Noire noticing Severa crying all by herself, and wanting to help but is too scared to go through with it
- Severa helping Noire with her anxiety

- Lucina and Severa making up for lost time after Severa returns to Ylisse from Nohr
- Lucina and Severa talking about their insecurities and burdens
- Severa accidentally saying something in a fit of anger that strikes a chord in Lucina

Fire Emblem: Fates:

- Soleil finding ways to woo Nina, some having hilarious results

- Soleil admiring Sophie from afar, but ends up staring for just a little too long.
- Sophie and Soleil trying to confess, but don't know exactly how because they're both awkward and nervous as hell


- Yachi noticing little by little how much happier Kiyoko is ever since Yachi joined the team
- Kiyoko working up the guts to give Yachi her second button after the Graduation Ceremony

Boku no Hero Academia

- Anything sappy and fluffy that you can think of, like Tsuyu and Ochako going on a date or helping each other out with school. I'm not too picky about this
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Hello to whomever has received me as their giftee for this exchange! kuraryou has a very special place in my heart, and I'm more than estatic to be a part of an exchange dedicated to this wonderful pairing!

As far as spoilers go, I'm caught up with the manga and watched both seasons so you don't have to worry about that!

So here's some general suggestions on what I would like to receive as a gift!

Likes: anything involving quiet intimacy (hand holding, tender touches and kissing, cuddling, etc.), mutual pining, friends into lovers, domestic fluff, aus (especially childhood friends and fantasy aus), ryou walking around wearing mochi's clothing (:

P.S. as far as nsfw goes, i'm okay with it as long as it isn't too extreme. also, bonus points if kuramochi is on the receiving end :3c

Dislikes: horror, rape, gore, major character death, career-ending injuries, miscommunication/misunderstandings, unrequited love that remains unrequited

Something else that I'd like to note: if you're going to have a side pairing in your fic, i'll say this as nicely as possible: please avoid misawa and/or furuharu. I see these two paired with kuraryou a lot, and since I'm honestly not a fan of either of these pairings, I'm kinda tired of it, so please avoid these two pairings should wanna add a side pairing.

So I hope this gives you an idea of what to gift me! I can't wait to see what you come up with!!
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Hello, whoever was chosen to write for me in this exchange! I'm very excited to read whatever you come up within the coming months!

Now, for what I want as a gift:

As far as general things go:

Likes: mutual pining, friends into lovers, happy endings, fantasy aus, childhood friend aus, seemingly unrequited love that becomes requited, slow build, domestic fluff, quiet intimacy (like holding hands, cuddling, anything of that sort)

Dislikes: gore, incest, rape/non-con, horror, unrequited love that remains unrequited, miscommunication/misunderstandings, love triangles, major character death, career-ending injuries

As with ratings, I'm okay with whatever, though if you choose to go more mature/explicit with your story, please don't make it too extreme.

Now onto fandoms!

Daiya no Ace:

As far as spoilers go, I'm up to date with the manga, and I've watched both seasons of the anime, so you don't need to worry about that.

Furuya, Kuramochi, Ryousuke, Haruichi, and Toujou are my favorite characters, but I also love Eijun, Chris, Miyuki, and Kanemaru. I'm not necessarily picky about I want, as long as they aren't completely OOC, and no character bashing either!

Plus I just want Furuya being happy and getting the love he deserves.

For specific ships I really want: kuraryou, furumiyu, harusawa, and kanetou are Faves, and I also love furusawa, chrisawa, furuharusawa, and fururyou.

One more thing I also ask of: Please avoid romantic misawa at all costs.

Love Live!:

Again, I'm not too picky with spoilers here as well, since I've been pretty much spoiled with what there is.

My favorite characters are Nozomi and Eli. Again, no OOCness or character bashing. All I ask here is to not have any of Nozomi's "washi washi" anywhere should you choose this. It just makes me very uncomfortable, and I just don't want it at all.

Specific ship: nozoeli is the LL ship I will love to the ends of the earth and back, but I don't mind any gen stuff too.

Love Live! Sunshine!!:

Once again, I'm not too picky with spoilers, so you can do whatever.

Riko, You, Mari, and Kanan are the characters I would love to recieve something about, should you write for this fandom.

For ships in particular: youriko and kanamari are my favs, though gen/friendship stuff is perfectly fine.


With this one, I am wary of spoilers, since I haven't caught up with the manga yet, so there's that warning.

Characters I want content for: Kiyoko, Yachi, Tsukishima, and Yamaguchi. Like I mentioned before, anything gen/friendship or shippy is a good.

Specific ships/friendships: I really love kiyoyachi and tsukkiyama, though I wouldn't mind getting some tsukkiyamayachi interactions too. Whether you want to make that romantic or not is up to you.
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Hello, whoever has been chosen to write for me!

I'm very nervous and excited to take part in my first Chocolate Box Exchange! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Now! For what I want as a gift:

Fandom 1 - Daiya no Ace/Ace of Diamond

1) Kuramochi/Ryousuke - aka The Ship That I Will Go Around The World and Back For in Daiya. As long as it doesn't have a sad/bittersweet ending then I'm more than okay with it. Their relationship is one filled with mutual trust and respect for each other and that's why I love it so damn much. So as far as content for them, I would really love anything involving them being domestic and sappy together. Ryousuke realizing how much he's fallen in love with Kuramochi is also something I adore. Also, as far as NSFW goes, I'm more than okay with it as long there isn't any rape/non-con.

P.S. (If you do decide to do NSFW, bonus points if Kuramochi is on the receiving end)

2) Furuya/Miyuki - Another pairing that I adore to bits and pieces. Just everything about it makes me so happy, whether you're talking about them as a battery or not :')). As for what I want for them, I would like to see something involving post-canonish (like Miyuki has graduated from Seido, and Furuya is still in high school, or them going through college together, just to list off some examples). Again, NSFW is okay as long as it isn't too extreme.

Fandom 2 - Love Live! Sunshine!!

1) Dia & Ruby - I will make this clear that I want "&", NOT "/". 100% strictly platonic Literally all I want with these two is just any sibling bonding. Maybe one of them having a bad day, and the other does what they can to comfort them; or them bonding over their love for Muse again like that one flashback in the anime. I apologize if I'm not being specific enough, I just want these sisters being happy together and spending time together.

2) Hanamaru/Ruby - Anything that is light and sweet and fluffy with these two is perfect for me. Maybe them going on a date together somewhere where neither of them feel very overwhelmed (probably one of their houses in one of their bedrooms, just cuddling and being happy in each other's company). No NSFW for this, please!

Fandom 3 - Boku no Hero Academia

1) Todoroki/Midoriya - Another relationship I love that's built on trust and repsect. Something I'd really like to see is Midoriya bringing Todoroki over to his place to meet his mom for the first time. Todoroki being really nervous of how Deku's mom will react to meeting him, but Deku reassuring him that everything's fine. I just want Inko to love Todoroki, as well as teasing her son how cute his boyfriend is. Again, no NSFW for this, please!

Thank you for taking the time to read this! :')
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