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Hello, whoever has been chosen to write for me!

I'm very nervous and excited to take part in my first Chocolate Box Exchange! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Now! For what I want as a gift:

Fandom 1 - Daiya no Ace/Ace of Diamond

1) Kuramochi/Ryousuke - aka The Ship That I Will Go Around The World and Back For in Daiya. As long as it doesn't have a sad/bittersweet ending then I'm more than okay with it. Their relationship is one filled with mutual trust and respect for each other and that's why I love it so damn much. So as far as content for them, I would really love anything involving them being domestic and sappy together. Ryousuke realizing how much he's fallen in love with Kuramochi is also something I adore. Also, as far as NSFW goes, I'm more than okay with it as long there isn't any rape/non-con.

P.S. (If you do decide to do NSFW, bonus points if Kuramochi is on the receiving end)

2) Furuya/Miyuki - Another pairing that I adore to bits and pieces. Just everything about it makes me so happy, whether you're talking about them as a battery or not :')). As for what I want for them, I would like to see something involving post-canonish (like Miyuki has graduated from Seido, and Furuya is still in high school, or them going through college together, just to list off some examples). Again, NSFW is okay as long as it isn't too extreme.

Fandom 2 - Love Live! Sunshine!!

1) Dia & Ruby - I will make this clear that I want "&", NOT "/". 100% strictly platonic Literally all I want with these two is just any sibling bonding. Maybe one of them having a bad day, and the other does what they can to comfort them; or them bonding over their love for Muse again like that one flashback in the anime. I apologize if I'm not being specific enough, I just want these sisters being happy together and spending time together.

2) Hanamaru/Ruby - Anything that is light and sweet and fluffy with these two is perfect for me. Maybe them going on a date together somewhere where neither of them feel very overwhelmed (probably one of their houses in one of their bedrooms, just cuddling and being happy in each other's company). No NSFW for this, please!

Fandom 3 - Boku no Hero Academia

1) Todoroki/Midoriya - Another relationship I love that's built on trust and repsect. Something I'd really like to see is Midoriya bringing Todoroki over to his place to meet his mom for the first time. Todoroki being really nervous of how Deku's mom will react to meeting him, but Deku reassuring him that everything's fine. I just want Inko to love Todoroki, as well as teasing her son how cute his boyfriend is. Again, no NSFW for this, please!

Thank you for taking the time to read this! :')


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